Shake My Sky in Two

"i found my home in you"
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This was taken in Australia. Three separate things happening at once: On the left, fireworks exploded as part of Australia Day celebrations. In the middle, it’s Comet McNaught. Then on the right, there’s lightning from a thunderstorm far away.

i dont care if this has nothing to do with the blog its just sick

on ya ‘straya

oh my god this is so cool

This is what I can’t wait for. The sex is great, sure, but I can’t wait to be able to just be with someone in the shower and laugh and giggle like that. He’s not even looking at her body, he’s just loving on her happiness. Showers are like my escape from reality for a little while, and to spend those blissful moments with the one I love just seems perfect.


i luv how eugenes eyebrows are up and then they get serious as the kiss gets bigger, its like hes thinking YOU ARE DEFINNETLY MY DREAM


Possibly one of my most favorite photos of me, ever. This was at the giant Buddha, and it was starting to rain so we took shelter underneath this archway. As the photo was being taken, people started to crowd and watch and it was incredibly awkward but kind of fun at the same time.
Reblogging to replace the commentary. Please don’t remove the caption to my photo! 

Every time I get notifications for this photo I just want to be back in Hong Kong. It’s such an incredible place and I wish I had longer to explore it.